The Ultimate Siem Reap Experience

Impressions from last week’s Ultimate Siem Reap Experience (3-days). An introduction into Street Photography, meeting the locals, life in the countryside and on the water close to the big lake, one and a half day exploring the temples of Angkor Park including an arranged photo shoot with monks and whatever came on our way in 3 days of shooting…

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Impressions from the 6-days Around Cambodia photo experience (Phnom Penh-Kompong Chhnang-Battambang-Pailin-Siem Reap) with lovely clients from US…

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We started in Phnom Penh with street photography sessions followed by a boat trip through a floating village the very next morning in Kompong Chhnang. We ended up that same day in Battambang for a sunset tour. After a photo assignment at the local market on our day 3 and being up at Phnom Banan we continued for Pailin, close to the Thai border, for a countryside tour, a few pagodas and meeting the awesome people of the local market on day 4. Back to Battambang in the afternoon of day No 5 for a jeep ride up Phnom Sampeau. Last day of the trip we took the private boat from Battambang to Siem Reap where my clients continued with their temple sightseeing…

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Become a better photographer and have a great time doing it…

Two weeks ago I took my third trip with Eric. This time I had my adult daughter with me and we spent six days covering Phnom Penh, Battambang, Pailin and Siem Reap. Eric again helped me and was fabulous working with my daughter. He helps you make better pictures with technique and composition instruction. But, he does not waste your time showing off his knowledge of camera features you’ll never use or other obscure tricks. His focus is helping you. 

The added benefit of a trip with Eric is that he will get you to places you’d never find on your own, and no tour operator would either. You’ll have good fun, become a better photographer and come home with stunning pictures. 

One again, I’m happy to recommend Eric without reservation.