Another stunning review on Tripadvisor

“Money very well spent”

Ten days ago, I spend two days with the professional photographer Eric De Vries who has made his life in Siem Reap. I chose Eric as I liked the ‘simple’ style of his photography and thought he was someone I could learn from. Well that decision turned out to be a great one indeed.

Over two days, I learnt how to THINK more about creating an image with the emphasis on the light, the subject and the background. His teaching style is very direct initially and you are encouraged to use ‘x’ settings. Then adjust the settings and see how they change the image. Then you start adding in composition and the different ways of seeing what is in front of you. Next task, creating an image on your own. The most confronting part is the critique. Very direct in a ‘dutch way’ but oh so spot on. Each time Eric critiqued my images, it was a case of “you are so right.” His patience in going through this process and willingness to share is knowledge is endless.

I did the Angkor Workshop and the Siem Reap Countryside Tour with Eric. What Eric does on these trips is take to you a specific location with the sole purpose of teaching you something about creating an image. He will teach you and challenge you at the same time. The beauty of this approach is what he teaches you can be applied later when you explore the temples without his brilliant tutelage. Never mind that he isn’t there with you as I can assure he leaves sufficiently strong imprints, he is there in your ear! I also did the Lightroom Workshop which was also great. You get great images and then he shows you how to make them AWESOME. I look at some of my shots and wonder if I really did take them.

travels with eric-1

I must also add, not only is Eric a great photographer, but his laid back nature and sense of humour makes him good company.

So to sum up:

Would I recommend spending some time with Eric? Absolutely. 

Did I learn from him? Definitely. 

Has my photography improved because of him? Categorically. My images from this trip are by far the best by a long way that I have created.

And I must add this is my fourth trip to Siem Reap.

Would I do more workshops or tours with him?

YES. I’m just trying to work out how and when I can fit it in.

Now can’t wait to apply what he has taught me when I go to Nepal and India. Maybe I will see you there Eric :-)

The last thing I would like to add is, if you are going on a workshop or tour with Eric around the temples, make sure you allow yourself a few days to explore the temples on your own.

Thanks for everything Eric. Jane.
Visited September 2014

Thanks for this stunning review, Jane… and yes, your smokin’ monk picture is awesome…

(Photo credits Jane S)

The Parade

Taken during the latest Angkor Photo Tour with a lovely French/English couple… (Aug 11)


One Day at the Temples

the photographer’s personal guidance, teaching, transport and lunch

Park entrance fee ($20 p.p)

The Angkor tour has a large selection of temple sites within Angkor Archaeological Park, a selection made by the photographer himself. The tour is especially for participators who want to make better pictures and want to explore Angkor Park at the same time. The tour is also very recommendable for amateur- and semi-pro photographers. Included sunrise at Angkor.

From 5am to 3pm but can change on clients wish.
Pick up/drop off at hotel.




A new book is coming up very soon titled ERIC D VRIES – PORTRAITS

I will keep you informed of the progress on this blog.


One of the portraits in the book is the shot I took two weeks ago in the countryside near Siem Reap…


…and probably on the backside this shot my assistant/driver Kheng took of me…





Shots from the 7-day tour

around cambodia photo tour
impressions from last week’s 7-days cambodia tour
from siem reap to phnom penh


Siem Reap / day 1-3

including Angkor Park, countryside, floating village, photoshoot with monks

edvpcaug02  edvpcaug03

edvpcaug04  edvpcaug07  edvpcaug05


edvpcaug08  edvpcaug09

Battambang / day 4

including Phnom Sampeau, bamboo train, street photography sessions


edvpcaug12  edvpcaug13  edvpcaug11

Kompong Chhnang / day 5

including small boat trip floating village, the pottery


Oudong and Phnom Penh / day 6

including Oudong Mountain, Tuol Sleng, Central Market


edvpcaug17  edvpcaug20

Phnom Penh / day 7

including Kandal market, Vietnamese graveyard, street life, the Palace

edvpcaug19  edvpcaug21


All photos taken with Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujifilm X20

copyright: eric d vries / photo cambodia august 2014




Been to Pailin last week with my family to check the area and also Memoria Palace Resort to see if I can develope a tour in and around Pailin or put it into the 7-day Around Cambodia tour in combination with Battambang.
The landscape is stunning, green hills and mountains everywhere. Nice waterfalls and rivers. Busy markets and Phnom Yat, an uphill pagoda, in Pailin itself.

edvpcpail2014-1 edvpcpail2014-2

One of the activities is gem stone mining and sure I went for it although the season starts just after the rainy season in October. For sure it’s something different and photogenic as the locals are lined-up with their plates and baskets digging for gem stones in the rivers. I will let you know in a couple of months if it will work as a tour…


In the meantime we stayed at Memoria Palace Resort in the hills close to Pailin. The place is wonderful, spacy and not expensive. Although we had our own eco-lodge (see picture) we had an inspection of all fully equipped rooms and bungalows while the kids were swimming in the saltwater swimming pool.


The resort is located 20 minutes from the border of Thailand and so… easy to access from Bangkok. We also checked out the border crossing and I can tell you that this is a quiet one compared to the hectic one of Poipet and all its scams…

Check out Memoria Palace Resort here…



The Ultimate Siem Reap Experience

New! A 3-day photo tour and workshops in and around Siem Reap. It’s a Master Class one.


One of my clients showing the portraits to the monk

3-days master class in and around Siem Reap with Eric de Vries.

First day visiting the temples of Angkor with an arranged photoshoot with monks.
Included sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, The Bayon and more… (portraits/still life)

Second day a ride out of town to the countryside and a boat trip to one of the
unspoiled floating villages close to the lake. Go back in time and meet the
lovely locals. (portraits/street photography)

On the third day we’re heading out to Ta Prohm temple site followed by a street
photography session. After lunch we will have an editing workshop at Eric’s
new gallery. (still life/street photography)

Like all my tours and workshops the 3-day Master Class is also private. No team-up of participants.