A Great Review

“Great teaching and great photo opportunities”
John and I took Eric’s 3 day Siem Riep photo tour and we both learnt heaps. We were encouraged to try different settings and to then make decisions about which photos worked best. The photo shoot with the monks and the close up portrait experience in a village were opportunities that would not be available to you if you were on your own.
Eric taught us both so much about framing pictures and using ISO settings in really low light situations. The timing of the day with really early mornings, recharge break in the middle of the day and then afternoon sessions suited us physically. Eric’s tuk tukdriver Kheay was a careful driver with ironic sense of humour.
We have had one of our best tour experiences ever and we highly recommend it.

Thanks John and Kerryn

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In Color…

Small selection of shots at Angkor Park from the first week of 2016 packed with temple tours and workshops… (I noticed that some of my ‘colleques’ are exactly copying my images. Lack of creativity, boys…?)






The Cameras I Use…

Sometimes I get questions from (potential) clients what cameras/lenses I use. Well… look at the picture. I got the Nikon D700 full frame using at the moment only for portrait sessions. The very handy Fuji X100T is mainly for street photography. The Fuji X-Pro 1 (love that camera) with a 10-24mm, 35mm and 60mm I carry in and around the temples and during other photo tours/workshops and last but no least… the analog Olympus OM-1 with 24-70mm. Since a couple of months I started to use the film camera during street photography sessions and developed the B/W films again after many years by myself in Ilford ID-11.
Yes I come a long way with photography…


And that was 2015

It was a brilliant year for Photo Cambodia. Many requests for tours and workshops from 1-day tours at Angkor to 7-days Around Cambodia. The last days of 2015 I will spend updating the websites before it all starts again on January 1st. Great! Love it!
I wish all my (future) clients and students safe travels and a fantastic 2016 and hopefully we will meet (again) in Cambodia.

Eric d Vries / Photo Cambodia


Another great review

“Epic photos with Eric”
“My friend Judy found the Photo Cambodia Tours on TripAdvisor. We booked two days with Eric during our most recent trip (our 3rd) to Siem Reap. Booking was easy and Eric sends reminders to bring your charger and second battery!! Do this as you are taking hundreds of photos and don’t want to miss a thing. The first day we had a private photo session with monks and captured the temples in unique and beautiful ways, the second day we went to the countryside and Tonle Sap Lake to see the floating villages. Both tours offer lovely photo opportunities. The countryside tour took us a bit out of our comfort zone as we were right in the shops, restaurants and barbers taking photos of people. I’m a bit uncomfy walking into someones place of work and doing this; however, Eric visits these villages often and the people get to know him and his small groups. Eric told us that the respectful gesture is to show your subject the beautiful photo you’ve taken of them and we found they were immediately engaged and loving the experience. It connected us to the community in a unique way. Eric knows his way around all kinds of cameras and he wants to teach. For us booking Eric’s tours was perfect as we’d already seen all the temples on our own. Having Eric assist us with capturing the perfect photo (and not letting us walk away until we did-“make it darker!”) was fun. Highly recommended.”  (Tripadvisor review Dec 2015)

Thank you, Bronwyn and Judy