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I’m very happy with my choice for photography tour in Siem Reap, Looking forward to come again to have more learning from Eric. He is very profesional, very details and most of all he seems enjoy teaching me. He is so patient with me, as a beginner who dont have a lot photography skill, but he help me to explore more. Thank…

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In B/W

preah khan in black and white, one of my favorite temples at angkor

from yesterday’s photo tour/workshop (post-production in silver efex pro)

(c) eric d vries 2016

preah khan temple

preah khan temple

An in-depth Angkor photography workshop

* One Day at the Temples with Eric d Vries
“Improve your photography skills”
High quality and more in-depth photography workshop at selected temple sites within Angkor Park. A selection made by the photographer himself. The workshop is especially for participators who want to learn how to make better pictures and want to explore Angkor Park at the same time. Eric will teach you about light, composition and camera settings. Included sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, The Bayon and more…


This in-depth and popular workshop has an arranged one hour photoshoot with some lovely monks at one of the quiet temple sites within Angkor Park. During that photo portrait session you will be instructed by Eric with no other tourists around.
The One Day At The Temples Photography Workshop including the arranged photo shoot with monks is back on the calender. And I’m proud to say that Photo Cambodia is the only one to offer this photo shoot with permission of the authorities…
This workshop is for beginners as well as amateur to pro-photographers.

photocambodia monks-104 photocambodia monks-102

Another brilliant one…

“Very happy with our choice”
One of the best things we did in our time in Siem Reap was our day touring with Eric. Despite being reasonably experienced photographers and having already spent a few days visiting temples, we were still able to learn a massive amount from Eric and see new sights, as well as smaller details in locations we had already visited. Not only was he was able to help us get some of our best shots form the trip, but we also learnt a lot from his technique. We really enjoyed his teaching style, he didn’t just stand us in front of an object, tell us settings and say shoot – instead he challenged us by making us look at a scene and work for our shots, forcing us to think about what we were doing which meant we came away with new skills as well as great photo’s. Only regret is not having time to do more touring with Eric, would highly recommend his services for anyone of any skill level looking to not only get some great photographs, but also learn more about photography and the area. First thing on my list if I get back to Siem Reap. Thanks Eric! (from Tripadvisor)

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From yesterday’s photo tour at Angkor Park visiting the Bayon temple

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(c) eric d vries


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