from recent temple workshops

colourful shots -we had great light- from recent temple workshops
with clients from Northern Ireland and Connecticut – US
(c) eric d vries 2016


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One Day at the Temples – photo tour/workshop

High quality and in-depth photography workshop at selected temple sites within Angkor Park. A selection made by the photographer himself. The workshop is especially for participators who want to learn how to make better pictures and want to explore Angkor Park at the same time. Eric will teach you about light, composition and camera settings. Included sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, The Bayon and more…

From 5am to 3pm but can change on clients wish.
Pick up/drop off at hotel.

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The Streets

the streets of Siem Reap
small selection of images taken yesterday during
a street photography with portraits sessions in
Siem Reap with a client from Los
(c) eric d vries 2016

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An outstanding review

“Fantastic learning experience!”

Eric is the man! Very easy to get on with, great fun, incredibly knowledgable and a great teacher, even for those very new to the game and easily frustrated. The whole day was incredibly well planned, his driver picked us up at 5am from our hotel and made our way, he took us to good local stops for food and refreshments and got is everywhere avoiding the crowds for some spectacular photos!

He was also kind enough to give us details of everywhere we had been, as well as details of things we talked about during the day.

We mentioned we were going to Battambang so he put is in contact with his TukTuk driver there to help us get around and fish out some photos ops.

We will definitely use Eric again, best there is, a great guide and a fantastic photographer.
Visited June 2016

Thanks Myles and Kora


The Ultimate Siem Reap Experience

A selection of images from last weekend’s
3—days Ultimate Siem Reap Experience
Photo Tour with lovely guys from Australia
[c] eric d vries 2016

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EDV0207  EDV1179

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The Ultimate Siem Reap Experience

a 3-days photo experience in and around Siem Reap with Eric d Vries.

First day visiting a selection of the temples of Angkor
Included sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, The Bayon and more…

Second day a ride out of town to the countryside and a boat trip to one of the
unspoiled floating villages close to the lake. Go back in time and meet the
lovely locals for portraits and street photography

On the third day we’re heading out to Ta Prohm temple site followed Angkor Wat inside. After lunch we will visit a small community along the Siem Reap river, the big market and Wat Bo pagoda

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