Around Cambodia in 6 days

An impression of last week’s photo tour from Siem Reap via Battambang to Phnom Penh with lovely clients from Sedona, Arizona.
Thanks to Sokheang, Nicky, Channy and Sadam for the local transport by tuk tuk…

All images by eric d vries / photo cambodia / march 2016

DSCF9324  DSCF3282

DSCF9030  DSCF3346

DSCF9133 DSCF9683 DSCF3276

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A couple of B/W shots from the first leg of the Countryside Photo Tour and a Street Photography session in Siem Reap… All taken with the X-Pro1 and a 35mm prime.

EDV3001 EDV6799

EDV3068 EDV3047

A brilliant one…

“Just amazing! Best Photo workshop and tour possible!”

I went around Cambodia with Eric for seven days, from Phnom Penh to Sieam Reap. It was just a dense workshop of street photography, stunning. We went to places I would have never never found and visited if I had been on my own. Eric can teach you the art of photography and especially the art of street photography in a stunningly relaxed way. I had a great great time.
When going to Angkor only, I can only recommend that you try to get hold of Eric. You will find the places also on your own. But you will not be at the best places at the right time. You will miss Eric’s inspiration and hidden treasures. And if you are late (or early), you are amongst 100 tourist.
Thank you so much, Eric!

Thanks Jörn