Coffee break

a coffee break during the photo workshop near Siem Reap – Cambodia showing images from Dennis Stock’s book to my workshop participants
(c) eric d vries


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From the latest photo tours / workshops

Some shots from photo tours / workshops taken last week with participants from Singapore, Dieren (Netherlands), Los Angeles (USA), Shanghai (China) and Frankfurt (Germany)


*never the same…

*south gate

*posing for the workshop participants

*after the rain (1)

*after the rain (2)

*creative photography

Temples and the Countryside

Some shots from last weekend’s photo tour and workshop with clients from the Gold Coast Australia showing them one day the temples followed by a day in the countryside near Siem Reap…

photo cambodia by eric d vries-200

*sunrise at Angkor is never the same…

photo cambodia by eric d vries-202

photo cambodia by eric d vries-203

*inside Angkor Wat
*the demons of the South Gate of Angkor Thom

photo cambodia by eric d vries-201  photo cambodia by eric d vries-204

*at the Buddha gallery inside Angkor Wat
*’you take mine and I take yours…’

photo cambodia by eric d vries-205

photo cambodia by eric d vries-206

*the Leper King inside
*at the Bayon

photo cambodia by eric d vries-212

photo cambodia by eric d vries-210

*passing by on a sunday morning
*cowboy of the countryside

photo cambodia by eric d vries-216

photo cambodia by eric d vries-217

*lots of saffron
*a family posing

photo cambodia by eric d vries-211

photo cambodia by eric d vries-219

*one of the boys of the bike repair shop
*getting into the floating village

photo cambodia by eric d vries-220

photo cambodia by eric d vries-221

*floating houses
*into the water plants…

Really sad

I got the really sad news today that Terry, wife of Bruce, passed away last saturday.
We became friends after their first 6-day photo tour with me almost 4 years ago and returned for a 8-day tour last year. Terry fell in love with Cambodia. Her wish was to get a Buddhist ceremony in Cambodia so we will arrange one.


Terry having a blessing by the monks of Angkor Wat last year

Rest in Peace, Terry. You’ll always be in our hearts.

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The White Building

The end of an era… The infamous White Building in Phnom Penh will be put down within weeks. All habitants are compensated and relocated. The White Building was part of my Street Photography sessions in Phnom Penh and I think I’ve been visiting the place with my clients over 25 times the last couple of years.
At the moment I’m selecting out of more than 1500 shots for a series. I’ll keep you updated when finished…