What to do in one and a half day

I’ve been out with my Canadian clients to Angkor Park and the countryside near Siem Reap a few days ago. Although changing, the countryside is still worth going to. Interacting with the locals for some nice portraits, talking to the monks at their pagoda and visiting an unspoiled floating village futher down the road. Still lovely…
The following day I showed them around my favorite temple spots trying to avoid the big crowds. It looks like there are more visitors by the day and I wonder how the authorities will handle it in the very near future… Anyway… we found our ways and left the park with great shots with no tourists in them…
More info of the tours/workshops I provide right here…

Some shots…


@the floating village


a village girl at the local market


preah khan colours


@the market


around the corner…


inside the pagoda


in front of his shop…


late afternoon light

(c) eric d vries / 2017

Light Into Dark

Working on a series called ‘Light Into Dark / 30 years of photography‘ showing the change of style over the years. Here are 2 of them…


santorini church (1997)
from the series
light into dark / 30 years of photography
(c) eric d vries


music for the masses (2017)
from the series
light into dark / 30 years of photography
(c) eric d vries

From my German fans…

“Lehrreich und schön: Photoworkshop mit Eric”

“Ich hatte mit meiner Frau zusammen einen zweitägigen Fotoworkshop gebucht- ein Tag Ankor und ein Tag Landleben mit Tonle Sap. Da wir nur eine Kamera hatten, konnten wir von Eric kostenlos eine Kamera ausleihen – super Service.

Das Erlernen bzw Verbessern der Fotografie erfolgt direkt in der Praxis. Gleich zu Beginn mit manuellen Einstellungen der Kamera, die uns Eric anfangs vorgab. Das Erlernen von optimalen Settings, Bildaufbau etc erfolgte quasi nebenbei in der Praxis – macht Spaß und garantiert schnell Erfolgserlebnisse. Preislich völlig angemessen.

Eric als Lehrer und Person eine Wucht! Einprägsame Merksätze werden wir nicht mehr vergessen : get darker- get closer…

(on TripAdvisor / Visited January 2017)

Thanks Thomas and Ursula

A Perfect Day

“What a perfect day – phototour with Eric!”

I found Eric´s tour and workshop here on TA and I am so glad that I did!

Being an amatour/hobby photographer I booked my first phototour ever wanting a great tour around Angkor with a professional photographer who could show and teach me more about photography in the middle of a great wonder – the Angkor complex!

Had a full day tour – Eric picked us up at 5:00am heading for sunrise at Angkor Wat.
During our day we also visited Preah Khan, the Terrace of the Leper King, the Bayon temple and a great photoshoot with monks at Prasat Kleang.

Eric knows the complex very well and picked the perfect timing for visiting the different temples. I was very glad that he took us to places less crowded and with few other tourists, making the photo opportunities even better and I could take my time..

Eric was a great teacher – pointing out great objects, creative compositions – thought me to work with the elements, the light and made me thinking in new ways choosing my photo objects.
And not to forget – he was very patient with me – thank you Eric, you´re the best!

We had a great lunch in the middle of the day and cold water was provided for on a very hot day. We returned to our hotel around 4:00 pm after a great day out!

Looking back on that day and at my photos – going on the photo tour with Eric was dollars very well spent!
“Make it darker” has been ringing in my head since this day – AKON Eric!

A day I will remember forever! Highly recommended, you will not regret it!

(on TripAdvisor / visited November 2016)

Thanks Grete

On film

Finally I had some time to develope the films (Ilford HP5) I shot during the 5-day photo tour from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh just before Christmas. Always a magical moment when the films got out of the tank…

Camera: Canon QL with 40mm rangefinder
Films: Ilford HP5 400
Developer: Ilford ID-11 (no push processing)

Here’s just a small selection.





All images (c) eric d vries