Siem Reap Photo Tour

An impression from this weeks 2 days photo tour and workshop in and around Siem Reap, visiting temples, exploring the countryside and walking the streets and markets…







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2-day photography workshop around Siem Reap

First day (from 8am to 6pm)

After pick up from your hotel we’ll have a short introduction of the basics of street photography before putting in practise. The morning will be all about street photography in and around Siem Reap. After lunch and a critique session we’ll take you to the most beautiful photogenic spots at Angkor Park. We will finish at the Bayon temple during the Golden Hour.

Temples included: Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Ta Nei, The Bayon and more…

Second day (from 5am to 6pm)

An early morning start for sunrise at Angkor Wat. We take you to some more temple sites and Angkor Park highlights before we have our lunch and a closer look at your pictures from early morning. After lunch we’ll drive into the countryside near Siem Reap. We’ll show you the villages along the ricefields, local markets, scenic pagodas, life in the floating villages on the Tonle Sap. A ride out of town to the countryside and a boat trip in the late afternoon to one of the unspoiled floating villages close to the lake. We end the day watching the sun goes down over the ricefields.

Temples included: sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, Leper King, Angkor Thom and more…

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Happy New year

We survived…. Khmer New Year last week…

I’ve been on tour with 2 lovely couples from the States and they didn’t know it was Khmer New Year. Now they know… Wet and white from the powder people trowing at us while passing Angkor Wat… The water guns getting bigger by the year…







When you’re planning your Cambodia trip with UK based travel company Audley you’ll find this on their website…

Professional photographer workshop at the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

For those with a keen interest in photography and wanting to get the best of their time at the temples in Cambodia, this trip has been designed to help you do just that. Dutch artist and photographer Eric De Vries, has been a resident of Cambodia on and off for many years and has had numerous public exhibitions of his photography of Cambodia, most notably of the temples of Angkor.

He will spend the day with you, taking you around some of his favorite temples and the most famous ones, helping you get the best from your camera and to improve your photography skills. He will also show you some great vantage points and help to make the best use of the light at the temples. All levels of skill are welcome and Eric will meet with you the evening before your excursion to discuss what you are looking to get from the day and to assess what level your photography skills are at.

A local guide is not provided on this excursion as you will be in Eric’s hands for the day, but lunch is included.

Love the time spent…

Loved the time spent and the photos I brought home 🙂

My husband and I signed up for the full day workshop thinking this would be a great way to see the highlights of the temple complex at Angkor Wat. We knew we did not have enough time to be able to see everything and needed someone who knew the right places to go to have a great experience and get great photos to bring home. I am the one behind the camera and my husband then puts the slide shows and books together after our trips.

We really learned a lot from Eric. He took me out of my comfort zone of just wanting to capture the temple as a building and taught me to take more interesting images that still tell the story of each of the unique temples. I will say, i was not initally thrilled with taking so many “head shots” BUT……….now that i am back home and have looked over the images i brought back with me, these are some of my favorites shots —THANK YOU ERIC!!!! —

My husband got great editing tips over our lunch time review session too! We started off with the sunrise over Angkor Wat and then progressed around the area to other temples hitting them when crowds were fewer to be able to get the shot we wanted and have fewer tourists come home in our pictures. 🙂 some time after lunch my husband and i knew we wanted to spend another day with Eric to not only be able to see more temples but to see what else we could take home and continue to practice and incorporate into our photo outing. So we did another outing the next day and went to even more temple locations while still enjoying Eric’s instruction and taking suggestions to work on in the future.

If we are again, in SE Asia or vicinity, we will definitely be asking if Eric has any workshops for that region…

Thanks Janice and Neil