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The Angkor Monochromes

20 years of photographing the Angkor Temples
The definite collection of 150 black and white photographs shot mostly during the photo tours and workshops showing the main temples and the remote ones across Cambodia. It started with a visit of some temple highlights of Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat back in april 2000 shooting analog. After exploring the area a couple of times in the period 2002 to 2009 I started the photo tours and workshops which are still ongoing at the moment. It turned out that after all these years I’ve been to Angkor Park over 600 times to this day. And it will continue…
The 150 monochromes plates showing in this book are my personal choice and most of the spots I photographed are still scheduled in my tours and workshops although some parts of temple sites are under heavy restoration. Angkor Park sees more visitors nowadays then back in april 2000 so to preserve the ancient buildings and details the authorities came with new rules and regulations to protect the sites using fences and ropes. A good example is the very popular Ta Prohm temple just outside Angkor Thom with restricted areas and new build stages for the selfie-taking visitors… But don’t get me wrong. With a little creativity you still get the iconic shots you want. Anyways… Here they are, 150 definite monochromes of incredible temple overviews and details throughout parts of Cambodia as my personal best.

Eric d Vries, July 2019


ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_12  ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_05

ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_01  ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_09

ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_08  ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_03

ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_04  ericdvries_angkor_monochromes_07

186 pages / 150 monochrome photographs

ISBN 978-0-359-82585-1


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