Fantastic Experience

Fantastic Experience!

I did the half day temple tour, starting at 5am for the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I’d consider myself an “enthusiastic amateur” with some experience on analogue (film) and printing gained in college, but I haven’t used anything more complicated than an iPhone or point and shoot for the past decade. I was a bit nervous that I’d get swamped by all the digital bits and bobs on a DSLR but I needn’t have worried.

I borrowed Eric’s Nikon D3300 for the session (he has one available for clients to use free of charge) and after a quick tutorial on how to use the various settings and determine the exposure levels, within 10 minutes I was confidently snapping away at the sunrise over Angkor Wat.

As well as teaching you how to use the camera, Eric has loads of useful tips on composition, and how to get the best shots even when there are loads of tourists in the way (anyone who’s watched the sunrise at Angkor Wat or been to Ta Prohm in the afternoon will know what I mean). He will also point out some excellent spots off the usual temple circuit and recommend the best time of day to catch the best light.

Eric is a great teacher, even for impatient people like me who want to get everything perfect on the first attempt. My boyfriend, who came along for the ride but only had his Pixel 3 phone to snap with, also learned a lot about composition; despite the fact that my boyfriend thinks he can’t take a decent photograph, even his phone snaps are now vastly improved. As for myself, at the risk of sounding immodest, I’m actually very impressed with a good number of the shots I’ve taken, and I definitely wouldn’t have pulled them off without the knowledge gained in the workshop.

My only regret after taking this workshop is that I didn’t get a 7-day pass to return to the temples at multiple times of day. That being said, when we return to Cambodia (and we will!), we’ll definitely sign up for one of Eric’s workshops again (review on TripAdvisor)

Thanks Leslie and Neil

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