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The Temples of Angkor Calendar 2018

Here it is… Photo Cambodia’s 2018 Calendar


Each month a different and unique temple at Angkor Park and some remote ones photographed by Eric d Vries. The calendar will be printed in and shipped from USA.
Nice to have it for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones
You can purchase the full color calendar here…
The Temples of Angkor Calendar 2018

Screen shot 2017-08-11 at 15.16.46

Some examples:

photo_cambodia_jan2018  photo_cambodia_febr2018

photo_cambodia_march2018  photo_cambodia_may2018

January 2018: Sambor Prei kuk

February 2018: Angkor Wat

March 2018: Preah Vihear

May 2018: Angkor Thom Gate

Stupid and Dumb

Just by coincidence I found again an image of mine used for promoting a photo tour in Cambodia. So I checked that website of a Vietnamese tour operator, found the picture but also a complete copy of one of my multiple days tours. My picture, my text…
In that picture it is clearly to see that it is Photo Cambodia’s. They even titled the tour ‘Around Cambodia’
How stupid and dumb can you be…!
So I just wrote the guy(s) or girl(s)- there no name on their website- to take it off and be more creative in the future…
It happens a lot these days and it’s a real shame!

Here’s their website…

and here’s the picture…

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.28.59 PM


Siem Reap’s lovely countryside

I’ve been out this weekend for 2 days with a lovely mother and daughter from Australia. First day the new photo tour (TEMPLES IN A DAY – THE HIGHLIGHTS) and on the second day a trip into the countryside.

Here’s a selection of B/W shots I took throughout that day…



photocambodia_tour_july-1  photocambodia_tour_july-3




all images (c) eric d vries – july 2017

Coffee break

a coffee break during the photo workshop near Siem Reap – Cambodia showing images from Dennis Stock’s book to my workshop participants
(c) eric d vries


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