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Around Cambodia Photo Tour

I will be on a 9-day Photo Tour Around Cambodia starting this thursday.

There will be ‘pictures of the day’ on Photo Cambodia’s Instagram…

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On tour with 3 bloggers

A couple of weeks ago I went on photo tour with 3 gorgeous bloggers who were invited by ASEAN to visit Vietnam and Cambodia in just 4 days…

“What a packed day! We woke up early for some sunrise yoga/meditation which I was very grateful for. It was an hour of complete silence and an hour just for myself and my thoughts. It was a great way to start the day!”


“After breakfast, our photography guide for the day, Eric, picked us up and accompanied us to Angkor Wat. Eric, was the perfect person to take us around because he had been to the temples hundreds of times with other tourists. He really understood the history and was quick to give us fun facts and lesser known details about the temples. The tour lasted basically the whole day (mainly because we took hundreds of photos!) and we didn’t even get to see everything – not even close! Although we were only able to see Ta Prohm (built between the mid-12th and early 13th century) and part of Angkor Wat, the temples are definitely the kind of place I would go back to and take 3-4 days to explore and really take my time with. There’s just an incredible amount to see and the fact that they have been largely left as they were found makes it all the more interesting.”

(from versepasi.com)

The Majestic Angkor Temples

High quality Angkor Wat instructed photography tour  at the Angkor temples

“Get to see the Majestic Angkor Temples in a different way…”

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The Majestic Angkor Temples photo tour

Exquisite one day photography tour with pro-photographer Eric d Vries showing the Angkor Park Highlights, the beautiful spots. The tour comes with camera instructions by the photographer who also will show and challenge you to get the perfect composition and framing of your pictures.

This photo tour includes sunrise at Angkor, the colours of Preah Khan, the faces of The Bayon, details of the Leper King Terrace and more photogenic spots all trying to avoid the big crowds…

Get your cameras out and follow Eric along the temples of Angkor.

More info and booking requests on the website…


Working on new series

alternative visions in different places – Pt.1
new series of photos from cambodia

photo cambodia images-563

photo cambodia images-551

photo cambodia images-547

photo cambodia images-546

photo cambodia images-548

photo cambodia images-552
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8 years ago…

It’s almost 8 years ago that I started with the Angkor photo tours. Time flies… I remember having a client from Hong Kong for 2 days at the temples November 2009. He was the first of many that would join me throughout the years.

And the difference between those days and the present? Well… some Ta Prohm tree roots are gone, restoration works everywhere, massive Asian tourist groups, more security, a dress code and a new ticket booth… but the temples are still there, the very same sun and even after a little more than 600 visits/tours after the years… absolutely stunning!

Here are some shots I took during my first Angkor Photo Tour back in 2009