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From yesterday’s Angkor photo tour

A selection of photographs from the 2-day Photo Tour at the temples of Angkor I guided with clients from the USA…

angkor wat photo workshop

*Just before sunrise at Angkor

angkor wat photo workshop

*A corner at Ta Prohm…

angkor wat photo workshop

*Ta Prohm wall…

angkor wat photo workshop

*A young monk at the West Gate of Angkor Thom…

angkor wat photo workshop

*Inside the small temple of Thevoda…

angkor wat photo workshop

*Overview of the Bayon temple…

angkor wat photo workshop

*Monks visiting the Bayon temple…

angkor wat photo workshop

*The Golden Hour at the Bayon…

angkor wat photo workshop

*Angkor Wat in full light…

More information on photo tours and workshops at the temples of Angkor please click here…


Harvest Time near Siem Reap

Some shots from different locations during harvest near Siem Reap from several photo tours / workshops last week…





all images (c) eric d vries

Lovely words by lovely people…

Another great review on TripAdvisor.

We did a full day photography tour and workshop with Eric at Angkor Wat, including sunrise at Angkor, the colours of Preah Khan, the faces of The Bayon, the famous tree roots of Ta Prohm, and details of the Leper King Terrace.

Eric is a genius and a gentleman. What he doesn’t know about photography and the temples is not worth knowing! I could have spent a month with him and not have been bored for a single second!

The knowledge we’ve gained from this experience is a lifetime gift. Eric keeps things simple – there are key camera settings that require tweaking – but after a bit of practice, it just becomes second-nature. He has a high focus on quality over quantity, and taught us how to get the right shot using our camera instead of wasting hours editing after the fact. He encourages creativity, challenges you to think about composition, and provides constructive feedback to help you improve.

His local knowledge is second-to-none. You could spend a week roaming around Angkor Wat and not discover the hidden places that Eric took us to! We learned key skills in different temples, and in the afternoon, Eric took us to a temple off the beaten track and tasked us with capturing three images. We were literally the only people there and had free reign – no tourists getting in the way and ruining our shots!

This was one of the best days we’ve ever had whilst travelling and highly recommend Eric to all.

Thanks Kim and Anthony

Check it out here…

Cambodia Photo Tour

Just came back from a wonderful 6-day photo tour in Cambodia with clients from UK/Belgium. The tour started in Phnom Penh with a full day and ended in Siem Reap, at the temples…

Here an impression in B/W









Angkor Photography Tours and in-depth Workshops | Around Cambodia Photo Tour

Come and join me on this 6 day photography tour through Cambodia, from Phnom Penh to the temples of Angkor. Photography Tours and Workshops in Cambodia with professional photographer showing you the best spots and highlights during a full day in-depth photography tour and workshop based on light, composition, camera settings and getting more creative with your photography.


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Taking the boat…

Yesterday I had a combination photo tour THE WONDERS OF SIEM REAP (half day temples and half day floating village) with a lovely couple from Indiana, US.

This time of year the water level is pretty high so the harbour to take the boat was closer to Siem Reap than expected.

Here just a couple of shots…





Professional Photo Tour / Workshop in and around Siem Reap

One day photography tour and workshop with pro-photographer Eric d Vries showing a selection of photogenic temples and spots inside Angkor Park in the morning. After lunch downtown Siem Reap we’ll be driving through the lovely countryside towards one of the unspoiled floating villages. The tour and workshop comes with camera instructions by the photographer who also will show and challenge you to get the perfect composition and framing of your pictures.

During our lunch break we will have a closer look at the pictures you’ve been taken in the morning.

Professional photography workshops at the Angkor temples for more than 8 years by pro-photographer based in Siem Reap Cambodia. We offer high-class in-depth instructed photo workshops for all levels during our full-day courses in Cambodia.

We’ll teach you about camera settings, composing and framing your photographs perfectly in a creative way. Our mission is to show you the best spots and locations in Angkor and Cambodia during your photo tour and workshop, by sharing our experience and knowledge of photography to help you understand your equipment and archieve your goals, and to take you on incredible photo tours and workshops that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

The Angkor Photo Tour / Workshop

Pretty good photo tour and workshop yesterday with 2 guys from San Francisco area despite the harsh light almost all day. Besides the main and famous temples inside Angkor Park we also went to spots with absolutely no soul around.






All images (c) eric d vries – september 2018