Ta Prohm

Pretty good light yesterday morning while visiting Ta Prohm temple during a half day photo workshop…



The Temples and the Countryside

Lovely day yesterday with clients from the US. A long day started at 7am to explore some of the Angkor Temples and after lunch downtown driving by tuktuk into Siem Reap’s countryside. Not a regular photo tour but a pretty good combination of ancient temples (still life photography) and rural life (meet the locals)
Here are some shots from the tour…

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia  angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia

angkor en countryside cambodia


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The Angkor Monochromes

Finally selecting photographs for the upcoming Angkor Monochromes Book. Originally planned to release last April but the Paris Book took a little more time so to keep some of my clients/followers happy the book will be out this month (July)
For sure these will be in… (will keep you updated)

angkor monochromes

angkor monochromes angkor monochromes

angkor monochromes


Angkor Unseen

“You’re not alone…”

The last 10 years Angkor Park saw an increasement of tourists visiting the ancient temples of the so called Khmer Empire. Well that’s good for the Cambodian economy, a bit less if you want to photograph the temples without any strangers in your shots… unless you know where to go at what time to avoid the big crowds.
During my photo tours at the temples and their surroundings we show of course the highlights but also we explore and photograph less visited places. Places the masses don’t go to but still are, in my opinion, incredible to photograph…

Here are just a few examples to get an idea…
and I’m not gonna tell you where it is 😉











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A rich and fullfilling experience!

“Eric is a true fine art photographer. I chose to book a tour with him because I liked his photographs. He brought me to exactly the kind of location I had hoped to visit, and it was not one I had known about. Koh Ker was amazing, we had the site to ourselves, the light was excellent, and I got some of the best photographs of my Cambodia visit there. He helped us avoid the crowds in Beng Mealea, and gave me plenty of time to take all the photos I wanted. We spent a long day together and he was patient and flexible. Eric also got me out of my comfort zone, which was good. I brought with me a manual focus wide angle lens which previously I had only used for astro photography. I was never good at focusing manual focus lenses by eye, and he convinced me to use the distance indicators on the lens to focus…”


“I was afraid that the photos would not be that sharp using only the distance indicators but when I got home I found the photos were just as sharp as when I used auto focus on my other lenses. Now I feel empowered with that lens to do more. He challenged me to think about why I was taking a photograph, and whether the approach I was using was true to my goal. He challenged me to try to take fewer photographs and make them count. He made me think more about composition. He gave me pointers about taking other kinds of photographs I wanted while in Cambodia outside of the topic area of our tour. He was good company throughout the day and we had interesting conversations about artistic photography, street photography, life in Cambodia and other topics. Thank you very much, Eric!”
Thanks for this review on TripAdvisor, Henry