Mobile Photography Workshop


The first Mobile Photography Workshop at the temples of Angkor.

“Learn to capture stunning photographs with your mobile device’s camera along with the basics of creative photo editing…”


More travellers are using their mobile phones for photography these days instead of bringing their heavy gear. Smartphone cameras are getting better by the day. Some brands come already with a double high class camera unit on their phones. It’s also a reason for pro-photographers to add a mobile device to their equipment but it will probably never replace the full-frame stuff. The smartphones are handy and the quality is great these days. Eric was one of the first photographers at Angkor to see the iPhone as a serious option besides the full-frame digital and his analog one. And after more than 600 visits / tours to the Angkor temples he knows the best spots, we would say…


Our one-day workshop will focus on how to get the best photographs on our smartphones by learning about composition and exposure and using creative apps during two editing and critique sessions. Explore the temples of Angkor and discover the unique possibilities of creating interesting photographs on your iPhone with the help from a professional photographer.


This Mobile Photography Workshop for iPhone and Android phone users is designed for amateurs to take their photographs into a whole new realm.

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A portrait

street photography session siem reap as part of the countryside tour
(c) eric d vries


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In sepiatone

details of angkor from yesterday’s workshop
(c) eric d vries 2017


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